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My Publications


My Publications

My Publications

I have always written for a range of publishing outlets, from popular press to academic publishers. Here you can find an overview of everything I have published, since the beginning of time.







Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Journal Articles


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Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Book Chapters

Book Chapters


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Journalism is both a research interest of mine and a way of publishing  my work. My research in this area has focused mostly on the media populations around the Olympic Games. Through this work, I have become involved with a number of different organizations, including the Press Association, for which I sit on a special interest group on social media. I have also recently examined the use of Google Glass and drones for journalism and, more widely, the rise of citizen journalism.

I write regularly for the Huffington Post, but have also published in such places as the Washington Post, the Times, the Independent, the Guardian, Wired Magazine, and many others I try to write something for a media outlet at least once a month. It keeps the mind fresh, sharp and has the benefit of satisfying results, given the quick turn around from writing to publication. At the same time, I'm interested in how journalism culture is changing as a result of new media technology. Here's a selection of my contributions to journalism.


Miah, A (2018, Dec 19) NHS in Fortnite and Facebook? It would put mental healthcare where it’s needed. The Conversation, https://theconversation.com/nhs-in-fortnite-and-facebook-it-would-put-mental-healthcare-where-its-needed-107549

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