16 December 2010, Microsoft UK, 100 Victoria St, London.

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Event brief:

Our third news:rewired event will look at building a brand and digital products to support and share content. This event, which focuses on practical advice from experts in journalism and digital publishing, will focus on the processes and technology that can make your journalism and communications more powerful. You can buy tickets here.

(More speakers to be confirmedAll timings, speakers and sessions are subject to change.)

Registration, 09:15 – 10:00

Keynote, 10:00 – 10:25

Joanna Geary, communities editor, the Times

Coffee Break, 10:25-10:45

Session 1, 10:45-12:10 (divides into streams A and B)

Stream A will be moderated by independent communications consultant and strategist Kathryn Corrick, UK chair of the Online News Association. 

A: Building a community from scratch

  • How to engage online users and readers with new products, websites and verticals. A back-to-basics guide looking at how to start building an online community, with lessons from those who’ve been there, done it, and crowdsourced the T-shirt.

With: Ed Walker, online communities editor, Media Wales; Anthony Thornton, group digital editor, IPC Inspire Men & Music; Neil Perkin, founder, Only Dead Fish.

B: Business models beyond the paywall

  • There must be more to making revenue online than paywalls. Our panellists will discuss what journalism and media organisations can learn from the world’s of ecommerce and online communities and how new money-making digital products can be developed from editorial ideas.

With: Mary Beth Christie, head of product management for FT.com; Lyra McKee, founder of NewsRupt;Daniel Kennedy, founder, Video News Agency; Kelly Wearmouth, brand specialist, Microsoft Advertising.

Session 2, 12:10 – 13:30 (divides into streams A and B)

A: Search optimisation for business-to-business and specialist media

  • Following on from news:rewired – the nouveau niche, how can journalists and publishers maximise the impact of their specialist material and news for search engines?

With: James Lowery, head of SEO, Latitude; Malcolm Coles, director, Digital Sparkle; Frank Gosch, global SEO lead, Microsoft.

B: Branding and entrepreneurialism

  • How important is a brand to news organisations and can you teach a journalist to be entrepreneurial? What can journalists and communicators online learn from brands, start-ups and non-media businesses to make their work more successful?

With: Rory Brown, founder, Briefing Media; Alex Wood, digital consultant and founder, notonthewires; Rick Waghorn, founder, MyFootballWriter and Addiply; Molly Flatt, 1000heads

Lunch, 13:30-14:30

Session 3, 14:30-15:45 (divides into streams A and B)

A: Linked data and the semantic web

  • An introduction to linked data and the semantic web – what should you know and what benefits can linked data offer journalists? A session looking at where media on the web is headed and what skills future journalists and communicators will need.

With: Simon Rogers, datablog/datastore editor, the Guardian; Martin Moore, director, Media Standards Trust;Martin Belam, information architect, the Guardian; Silver Oliver, senior information architect, BBC.

B: The digital production desk

  • How to build on traditional production, design and art desk skills to produce a digital production desk for your website or cross-media title. How can “traditional” roles be adapted to new media and contribute their skills to digital developments.

With: Jonathan Richards, data team, the Times; Martin Stabe, former online editor, Retail Week, now interactive producer at FT.com; Vicky Taylor, commissioning editor, Channel 4.

Coffee Break, 15:45-16:15

Final session: Are we ready to play the journalism game? 16:15 – 17:30

  • What opportunities does gaming offer journalism? Can we define the difference between what may be a highly interactive visualisation and a journalism game, or are they the same thing? What different ways could news be transformed into gaming platforms and how can we know what’s right for our output and audience. And one big question – how can we ensure we maintain the integrity of our content?

With: Philip Trippenbach, freelance interactive producer; Mike Flood Page, former BBC executive and now editorial director at Illumina Digital; Alastair Dant, lead interactive technologist at Guardian News and Media;Professor Andy Miah, chair of ethics and emerging technologies, faculty of business & creative industries, University of the West of Scotland; Alex Fleetwood, founder and director, Hide&Seek.

Networking drinks, 17:30-20:00

image: Simon Rogers, Guardian