Building an ethical future for education in a Digital Britain

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On 19th Nov, I'll give a talk for the Institute of Education, as part of the ESRC Educational Futures seminar series called Educational Futures. After this week's events, it'll be hard to avoid a discussion about the impact on the English student population in years to come, but here's the outline of what I intend to discuss:

Over the next five years, educational opportunities will continue to expand beyond formal pedagogic institutions, with more cross-sector partnerships delivering co-curated, community based educative experiences. In part, this will be made possible by the creative use of digital technologies, which will streamline information systems, engage people on new learning practices and forge a new context within which education is remade. However, these trends will also pose difficult ethical challenges about how education should take place, in a distributed, networked environment. This talk will discuss what ethical issues arise from the increased utilization of digital environments within educative practices.

The event takes place at the London Knowledge Lab and more info is available here.