Chris Freemantle Attendance: John W. Robertson, Robert Sutter, David Manderson, Blane Savage, Alison Clifford, Gill Jamieson, Andy Miah

Tags: ontheedge, greenhousebritain, nigerdelta ecologicalinterdisciplinarypractice, sustainability, Scottishsculptureworskhop, celestialceiling, meakinlab, fraserburgh, museumofscottishlighthouses, sociallyengagedpractice

-    arts researcher, producer and fundraiser

Practice Led Programme -    RGU

On the Edge -    how and why, rather than what ME: Cities on the Edge?

Greenhouse Britain With David Haley, MMU Impact of sea level rise, resulting from greenhouse Ocean will rise gracefully and can we withdraw with equal grace

People most disadvantaged will suffer?

What story do we tell? -    market running -    wealthy run to high ground

Producer -    rather than curator )since involves responsibility for a space) -    rather than project manager (which lacks conceptualize)


Platform (London) -    social and ecological interdisciplinary practice -    for 25 yrs -    hidden rivers of London (Wandsworth) o    insert micro hydro device in river Wandle (SP?) •    when tide rise, bell rings •    electricity from device feeds music room of local school •    business spin off -    now focused on ‘90% crude’; Carbon web (structures and influ of oil industry)

Remember Ken Sarowiwa (Nigerian entrepreneur, campaigned about Shell Oilin Niger delta) -    art work from Sakari Delta Cam – o    touring sculpture dedicated to him

Aberdeen should be twinned with Niger Delta -    people coming from oil industry didn’t give value to culture of Aberdeen, since did not regard it as a place of interest

Practice Led Research -    from looking at visual arts facilities in Scotland

On The Edge -    from people facing similar challenge

background of Chris in cultural history and theory

Anne Douglas

Scottish Sculpture workshop

Value of contemporary arts in rural area

Series of workshops -    5 organizations -    locations -    research team -    art SchoolofMediaLanguage&Music

Issues -    sustainability o    ME: what is meant by this in rural context? -    How to write a rief for art project

Projects in Phase 1 of On the Edge -    Fraserburgh (Museum of Scottish Lighthouses) o    Engaging young people with comm.? -    Shetland College o    Revaluing traditional knitting? o    Meakin Lab -    Cullen House and Duff House (fire destroyed painted ceiling) o    Replace a lost ceiling? o    Celestian Ceiling (Robert Orchadson painted) o    Digitsed projection of ceiling which could be projected onto any ceiling -    Scottish Sculpture Workshop o    What do you do with a field? o    What is the point of it? o    What is potential for organization to work in rural context •    INTHROW

Suzanne Lacy (Oakland, California)

Artist as leader She approached Gray’s to do a practice led phd Author of ‘Mapping the Terrain’ -    emerging defn of ‘socially engaged practice’ (allan kaprov, mary ann Jacob) She was also a practicing artist.

Oakland -    ethnic conflict

Background in feminism -    representation of women in media

looking at young children in media - negative represn – teen pregnancy, crime

growing awareness of young people

each project resulted in major performance , all about dialogue between young and authority, which had been taking place in private and making public so became part of media discourse

mythology of project

she was asked to supervise phd who she couldn’t supervise, so set up process 2 processes, running in parallel - her work and artists in Scotland

a sort of CPD process

envisaged as 8, but ended up as 15 from around uk

3 seminars - invited lecture (grant Kesta, Simon Shaik (imagining publics), Tom Trevor (Bristol))

combines arts star, theorist and practitioner -    circuit of thinking

3 processes of practice based research phd -    own ability -    contextualization in other practices -    theoretical framework

Research Questions - each seminar examined an issue, which constituted t q

1.    relationship between aesthetics and ethics -    theorists and critics argued that aesthetics comes out of forming judgements. Habermas – formation of public space and aesthetics that ethics is played out in public 2.    what quality means -    Suzanne’s practice is necessarily imperfect, due to public form 3.    Power -    Different bodies involved -    Trying to create circumstances where young people have a voice

In Mapping the Terrain

Peoples relationship to art work are concentric rings

ME: Matt Barney – interaction between locality and legacy – moving of objects into mainstream art discourse – is there an obligation to relocate art outside of the rural in order for it to overcome its political restrictions -