San SebastianDec, 2004


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Aldor Cobanera

Edurne Pasaban – Alpinista (athlete?) elite,  Mountain Climber -    only woman on opening panel -    since 1998, major changes in technology -    in climbing, far better known thanks to technology -    materials, but also other technology connected with communication -    ICT to stay in touch through mobile phone technology -    Telephoning from summit -    Breakthrough in medicine and technology o    Can contact physicians  when injured in mountain -    Even more important in a minority sport -    Now when on expedition, now take laptop, mobile phone, web access -    It is still difficult to peak -    Technology does not help that much

Victor M. Izquierdo Loyola, Subdirecter General of the Info Soc Enterprises, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade -    ministry of trade -    EC paper on IT o    Talks about how applics and experience should be present from beginning of research design o    Users must be the consideration of a product development

Noberto Santiago Elustondo, President of GAIA -

Jaime Lissavetzky Diez,  Sec of State for Sports and President of the Higher Council for Sport -    subjects have economic and social impact -    physical activity,  and doping -    which is most important? – boosting of physical activity, particularly interesting. -    Enormous amount of consumption

Juaqin Villa, Dept of Innovation and t Knowledge Society -    need to create social network for innovation -    innovation broader than technical and corporate o    also management, services, o    not just in company enviro o    society in general o    innovation as a social phenomenon o

ME: Nobody yet has actually addressed the social concerns, but they have been intimated.

Kim Blair Technology and Sports: Developing Consumer Products

2000 Olympics -    Speedo Fastskin – received tremendous pulblicity, Speedo said, anyone can have one, so was ok. -    Sydney pool was state of the art – hardly discussed -    Reason why records broken in Sydney, was because of the pool o    Though did not have the political resonance

Trek Madone 5.9 Bicycle – I used by Lance Armstrong in Tour de France

Technology and Golf -    1920s Steel Shafts replace hickory shafts -    1960s: fiber glass, aluminium titanium shafts – never made it to market

change was an ‘accident’ -    material not caused change, but that titanium springs -    St Andrews changed spirit of rules – face of club has spring like effect -    In golf industry, believe that curve will flatten out -    When technology introduced, see sudden change, then flattens out and comes back to athleticism

Sports Producct Industry

Attitude to risk -    nuclear, civil engineering and aerospace industry o    slow to adopt new technologies o    whether or not technology is viable o    high regulatory climate -    sporting goods manufacturer - o    Marketing and fashion driven •    Marketing often head of product development •    Signif vol of product sold by brandingt •    Signature products, star endorsement •    Need to seel your vision and the ‘wow’ factor o    Time to market is fast •    Typical small changes on seasonale schedule •    Continuous product intro o    Research horizon •    5 yrs is long •    less than two years typical o    Personnel •    Closed network o    Highly secretive •    Technology barriers are low •    Extremely high lev of secrecy on new products •    Control ofIP is reqd by sports company

No innovation infrastructure in US -    nothing llike SPORTIS

Before 2004 Tour de France, Lance Armstrong called sponsors wanting to put together F1 team – Trek Nike Oakley, Giro and HED – to form collab effort between them

USOC -    relies on product sponsors for nearly all product R&D

Developing Sport Products: Product Attributes -    need to understand all -    aesthetic -    attributes of association -    perceived attributes -    emotional attributes -    style

User-Centred Focus -    talk with lead users – passionate sports people o    understand what they like in their product o    understand why they are passionate about sport o    understand how sport influences daily lives o    understand how daily lives influ their sport -    understand core market o    development surveys o    validate t data o    typically use demographic data -    understand own business o    innovation/product needs to send right message about company’s vision

Cost Sensitivity -    eg. Consider cost of raw materials o    golf tee about 2x cost of materials •    change in material has huge impact on cost o    Golf club about 20x cost of materials •    Change in material has small impact on final cost •    Can change to more expensive…

Heart Rate monitors – 20yrs ago, people did not understand it. Now a company come out with a product and lot of effort in training consumers in using that tool. Plan for and expect slow product adoption

Never underestimate challenge of changing consumer behaviour

Capturing Product Value

Limiting comp -    retain control of IP -    retain key assets o    people, trade secrets, licensing, partnership agreements -    typically, technical barriers are low – easy to copy something new

Developing Alliances - Large multi-nationals -    have patents in place -    development clear vision for product from customer’s viewpoint -    more complete t concept t better

Universitie -    useful for product testing -    can be useful for prototype development -    due diligence required on IP ownership

Venture backed efforts -    develop venture division of your company -    solicity ideas from inventors (internal or external)

consultants -    highly recommended to have ‘insiders’ on team -    provide industry expertise -    prodide industry introductions

Rene Eijlens Innovation for Gold

Beat the heat Clothjing -    hat used to remove heat from head.

European Paralympic Committee -    from therapeutic to elite -    technology central to this development


Xtema… - golfer


Xabeir Azkargorta -    medico y entrenador de futbol

En busa del futbolista excelente Luis Fradua Universidad de Granada

Nestor Lucas Cairos System: the intelligent football

Radio based tracking system that analyses data of ball and players in real time

Useful for referee, for graphical presentation of replay

Xabier Azkargorta -    technology is leading to an easier contest and reluctance to train as hard -