Digra ScotlandDec, 2004-12-14

James Carse – game theorist at NYU – ‘finite and infinite games’

Sutton-smith – the ambiguity of play -    seven rhetorics of play -    modern o    play as freedom o    play as development o    play as imagination and creativity (arts, media, science) -    ancient o    play as power and contest o    play as group identity o    fate and chaos o    play as laughter, subversion

prodigy90_med – advert on gaming – sport related narrative

relationship between ethics and gaming

aint misbehaving: play in organisations, matt statler et al, imagilab, 2002

Daniel Livingstone

AI in Games -    ai = adding behaviour or character -    not officially AI -    e.g. Guard State Machine o    player, guard, player doesn’t want to be seen by guard. o    Basic programming is using a ‘state machine’, not really AI, but creates illusion of AI. o    If we make a noise, guard will ‘hear’ and investigate

Natural problem solving systes -    brains, evol, -    immune syst -    artif o    – artif neural networks o    genetic algorithms (and evolstrategies) o    artif immune sytems

The Genome -