Dan Brock Positional / competitive enhancements Relative enhancement or intrinsic

Many enhancements Ritalin ‘Enhancement v treatment’ v ‘enhancement v achievement’ surgeon  using drug to steady hand – enhancement? But a good thing! Special diet? – training, tf natural -    distiction – conventiona

natural means, effort, etc -    basis for merit

but use other things – natural talent natural – not what we can take credit for

natural – brings out potential enhancement – changes potential

but flawed! No such thing as a fixed potential


Rules for technology -    icu – rules on bikes

press on doping often biased – in what way? -    media over simplify -    sometimes good that not public

record number of positive cases in Athens -    more than history of Games

Misuse of medicine

They are fighting ‘mafia’ of sport – illegal market of drugs -    ME: what is incentive pf pharma to work with WADA?

Protect ‘ future health’ of athletes -    ME: mmm, future health, what does it mean to protect this? – if gene profiling shows I will die at 30, then?

More public exposure than ever before

Anti-doping comes from the Athletes, who do not want to jeopardise future -    athletes want to be natural

standardised v personalised technology


Power patches used by athletes – lifewave technology Acupuncture?

Different kinds of technology

polevault -    accessibility

Is there any incentive for Pharma to work with WADA?

If all enhanced, sport no more interesting -    al athletes running 100m at 8seconds, no more interesting than 9secs

not all risks are acceptable, if come with harms that

Olivier: we are in a ‘risk reduction’ society. -    ME: mmm, not that sure! Risk calculating perhaps.

Next generation of EPO -    company who develop panicked, since worried about its use in sport

genetic technology as therapy and enhancement, then is it ok?