Yes, Vice said it best "Dear 2016, Fuck You" 

I spent my evening with the back catalogue, reminiscing about the live shows I've seen, including back stage at the sound check in Las Vegas. The last one I saw was also the best, reinventing music from years gone by. Anyway, for the newbies, here's what you need to know.

The 10 best Prince songs you have never heard of (or can no longer remember the lyrics to)

1. I Miss You
2. Electric Intercourse
3. There is lonely
4. Don't talk to strangers
5. Get Wild
6. Movie Star
7. Wasted Kisses
8. Free
9. Bambi
10. Anna Stesia

10 really important political prince songs you should know know

1. Free
2. Dear Mr. Man
3. Sign O' the Times
4. Ronnie talk to Russia
5. Race
6. Money don't matter 2nite
7. Emancipation
8. Controversy
9. Musicology
10. Pop Life

The 10 steamiest songs that will push you into adulthood

1. Pheromone
2. Erotic City
3. When we're dancing,  close and slow
4. I wanna be your lover
5. Do me baby
6. If I was your girlfriend
7.  The beautiful ones
8. Darling Nikki
9. Dirty Mind
10. Insatiable

The 10 best love songs by prince

1. If I love you to nite
2. The most beautiful girl in the world.
3.i wish you heaven
4. When 2 r in love
5.  Adore
6. 5 women
7. Don't talk to stranger.
8. Nothing compares 2 u
9. When doves cry
10. How come you don't call me anymore?

The 10 best break up songs by Prince for all you lovers

1. How come you don't call me anymore? 
2. Why you wanna treat me so bad? 
3. If u break my heart one more time
4. Nothing compares 2 u
5. Purple Rain
6. Strange relationship
7. Anotherloverholeinyohead
8. The Arms of Orion
9. If I was your girlfriend
10. I hate you

The 10 funkiest tracks by Prince

1. Get Wild
2. House quake
3. Musicology
4. 319
5. House quake
6. Hot thing
7. Kiss
8. Billy Jack Bitch
9. We can funk
10. Now

In an interview with Chris Rock, Prince talked about how it was a challenge to bring humour into music, so i leave you with 5 of the funniest tracks by Prince. In interviews,  his sense of humour always came through...

1. International lover
2. Movie star
3. Come on
4. Starfish and coffee
5. Dead on it


* yes, some major classics are missing from these lists, but everyone else is writing about those.