Last week in my penultimate seminar for our ELS Study Skills course, we covered revision tips, but instead of just running through ideas, we thought we'd try to come up with a top 10 list, based on the range of top tips others provide. Here's what revision looks like for the student who lives in a world of social media and mobile apps. Hope it's useful for you! 

Contributors include: Flossie Washborne,  Lydia WattsSteven Wheelhouse, Rhona Wood,

  1. Make Revision a Multi-Media Experience 
    Search YouTube or TED for your topics, even MOOC content to bring it to life more 
  2. Make it a Maker Thing 
    Summarise your notes by creating pictures - draw cartoons, illustrations embed knowledge
  3. Bootstrap Intelligence 
    Progressively condense your notes - discard content, once you know it 
  4. Re-vist the Art of Handwriting 
    Hand writing notes activates a different part of your memory compared to typing (probably) so don't forget this!
  5. Make it Flashy 
    Use Flash cards answers on one side
  6. Gamify the Whole Thing  
    Applications like @HeadsUp, or even apps to help with definitions and key terms can make it a much more playful thing 
  7. Schedule, but Don't Overschedule 
    Hourly slots - plan out by day - don't forget the 3 Es - Eat, Exercise, Entertainment
  8. Location, Location, Location 
    Changes everything, consider moving around to keep it active
  9. Make it Social 
    Group revision - 3-4 people - round table sessions - back and forth on answers - use social media for revision chat 
  10. Full Dress Rehearsal
    ccess past papers and answers, put yourself through it at least once before