I'm currently advertising a few new PhD studentships, three of which I am directing, deadline 31st May. The first under my direction is on Ethics and Emerging Technologies, the second on the Olympic Games, and the third on Digital Culture generally. There's a lot of flexibility in either, so if you're at all interested in the subject matter, get in touch. Stay tuned for another 1 about the Internet, but here are the details for the first 2:


In the context of transatlantic debates about the converging sciences, this PhD will examine any aspect of emerging technological culture (nanotechnoogy, biotechnology, information, cognitive). The study may draw on research into public engagement with science, media and cultural representations of new technology, science communication, the philosophical and ethical dimensions of new technology, or the political economy of science and technology. Areas of focus may include posthumanism/transhumanism, human enhancement, life extension, artificial intelligence, digital culture, environmental ethics, synthetic biology, the ethics of outer space, or elite sport, among other areas. The project should have a strong social dimension and expect to inform the science sector, either through working closely within bioethics or by bringing communication expertise to the sciences.

Applicants should have an interest in science communication and, ideally, have a background in applied philosophy and/or media and communication studies. The successful applicant may choose to focus on ethical narratives within cultural texts (film, television, literature), or apply philosophical ideas to the regulatory and policy environment within bioethics. Applicants with higher degrees in a relevant area will be at an advantage.


The Olympic Games is an event characterized by its capacity to generate media coverage in many aspects unrelated to the sports themselves. Over the last 20 years, various studies have focused on the economics, logistics, culture and politics of the hosting process. Studies of the Olympic Games and have included historical analyses of former Games, the political circumstances surrounding bid processes, the creative and cultural dimensions of the Games, and the distinct local political issues that arise within a country. The London 2012 Games are unique in their pursuit of creating a national Games experience and their capacity to realize this shared experience will rely heavily on how the Games is articulated through media narratives. In this context, applications are sought from candidates interested in studying the cultural, media and political dimensions of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The successful applicant will focus on media representations of the Olympics, though the specific area of focus is open. Methodologically, the research will require a strong background in qualitative research, focusing particularly on media narrative analysis. Additionally, the research will require and develop an understanding of how media change is operating around the London 2012 Olympics, particularly how the rights-paying media (television and print), are transforming their production outputs towards online and mobile delivery.  Applicants with a relevant higher degree will be at an advantage.

Whatever happened to the Internet? (CCI022)

This PhD project will examine any aspect of digital and new media culture and may consider some of the following dimensions: ethical issues of digital media, how traditional media have reported the Internet over the years, structures of communication, changing patterns of journalism, cybersexuality in Web 2.0, digital communication for development. The PhD should focus on examining the Internet longitudinally and investigate some of its key facets, while contextualising it within broader processes of media change and assertions about there having been different eras of the Internet.

to apply, click here or feel free to contact me directly email@andymiah.net

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