Here's the first one with a simple full paste cloud of the transcript from the British Government party leaders' first debate on ITV. Interpretations? A couple of notes. Where the speakers' name is mentioned by another speaker or the Chair, then it is in Title case eg. Gordon Brown. Where it reflects a statement made by the person, it is in upper case eg. NICK CLEGG. This may tell us - as it should - that each speaker had equal time to speak, as was required in the rules and that the name 'David' was less frequently used than either Gordon or Nick, which seem used in equal measure. This may be some route into making sense of what was said and it's got to be at least as good as Mori's 'worm', which was perhaps the worst representation of public reactions to the speech I've ever seen.

In any case, the funniest elements of this wordle has got to be the word 'old' which appears in 'Brown' and the fact that 'think' (indeed, 'make MPs think' if you read a little more widely) is the most frequent word - if only! Roll on debate number two! (pun intended). Images of Wordles are licensed by Creative Commons