Yvonne Spielmann seminar6 December 2007

Japan research

Aesthetics -    hybridity - Cultural studies -    modernity, colonial, Stuart Hall -    closing down of debate -    Romly back to syncrhotism

Common ground between themes?

Blind spots: Media people specify different types of convergence tend to say that analogue media reality – each photo camera, chemical, electronic – say hat none of them apply anymore, since area of simulation; they call this digitl and hybrid, since no physical reality; if combine, then hybrid

This is often neutral to outside world, but not debate of different cultural influences. Now q over global.

In CS, always vague specification of media

Lack of understanding of the media’s specificities Including evol of genre, technology, etc

So this is a bigger blind spot, though political understanding of hybridity politics -    nationalism, etc

eastern western compositions

how specific thought processes have been reworked

Fiona Tan -    Indonesian artist, raised in Netherlands, photographer -    Represn of modernity within media in 20th century -    Also with performativity of medium -    Transgress -    Comment on content, but also specific apparatus of the medium -    Creating dynamics and possibilities of change -    Film and video used to rework other

Art Historians -    auber XXXX -    ar -    human size scale installation

interested in exemplary

plurality, postmodern,

image in a dynamic

hybrid, because in between

projected film of photograph of people standing still

used to classify people and society

she brings an external

-    sarah ahmed – familiarity

western socialization of 20th century media

then, she travels to japan and does video installation in temple in souther Kyoto

‘Saint Sebastian’ -    arrow being shot. -    Target not the focus -    Refers to Christian mythology, but there would show tortured body -    She takes position of san Sebastian, shooting back from camera, victim position captured by film maker, also a gender change

Indiv not s indiv, but as exemplary of particular profession


Sanjusangendo Temple in Kyoto, each year on Kyoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto – famous Japanese photographer -    still photography, horizon lines -    Sea of Buddha -    Appears as same image, but they are each different – taken from 1000 buddhas -    Impression of single image is product of modernity. -    Require knowl of the 1000 buddhas to know that it is not simply duplication

Is this specifically Japanese approach in photography

Sugimoto – show in Rapongi

Shoichi Auk -    Freshfruits

Katrin Paul

Tokio Hotel

Masaki Fujihata -    Making of Landing Home -    Gps, angle of camera.