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Cultural Olympiad seminar The 2008-2012 Cultural Olympiad: A Round Table Discussion

What is the 2008-2012 Cultural Olympiad, and what is its relevance to Yorkshire and other English regions? The panellists will consider what can be learnt from previous Cultural Olympiads, as well as issues of evaluation, links between the arts and sports, and the potential impact of the Olympiad on cultural activities.

5.45-6.10pm Welcome and opening remarks by Professor Simon Lee, Vice-Chancellor, Leeds Metropolitan University.

An introduction to the round table, by Leeds Metropolitan University’s Professor Tony Collins, Institute of Northern Studies, and Professor Franco Bianchini.

6.10-7.15pm Tour de table Dr Beatriz Garcia, Director of the Impacts 08 – The Liverpool Model’ research programme, and researcher on the legacy of cultural programming within major events, University of Liverpool.

Paul Brookes, Creative Programmer, Cultural Olympiad (East Midlands), Nottingham and former Director of the Bradford European Capital of Culture 2008 bid.

Cost of security for 2012 - £1-2billion

Tessa Gordziejko, Creative Programmer for London 2012 (Yorkshire), Yorkshire Culture, Leeds.

Cluny Macpherson, Head of External Relations and lead officer on the Cultural Olympiad, Arts Council England, Yorkshire.

Professor Christopher Bailey, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Society, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Doug Sandle, independent researcher & writer on public art, visual culture, and the links between sports and the arts, and former Reader in Visual Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University.

7.15-8.00pm Questions, comments and concluding remarks by panel members.

Leo – international component as well as local Iain – paralympic cultural legacy

Ian Rush – project director – tier 2 -

The Olympics: Politics and Protest

Conference to be held at Leeds Metropolitan University

17th and 18th July 2008

17th July- Lecture Theatre E, James Graham

9.00am Registration – Entrance to James Graham

9.30am-10.45am Keynote: John Horne (Professor of Sport and Sociology, University of Central Lancashire) on The Four “Ps” of the Olympics: Power, Politics, Protest and Promotion

at Edinburgh festival this year – Amnesty International – campaign of release for Chinese HR activist

cant understand japan wout understanding east asia – colonizing

wouldn't call myself and Olympic studies scholar

Maurice roche Shanghai 2010 spent more money than Beijing 2008, but we won’t hear much about that – ME: IN WHAT SENSE?

Athens 2004 – 3.9b viewers of ceremonies Cumulative tv audience estimate – 40b 35,000 hrs of media coverage, increase of 27% from Sydney2000

2002 FIFA world cup, 41,000 hrs of programming in 213 countries 28.8b viewers

new Beijing, great Olympics Chinese version is ‘new beijing Starbucks in forbidden city Internet led campaign to have it removed and branch closed - ME: when did it begin?

Friendlies -    problem – Friend Lies or Friend Less -    so name was changed to ‘fuwa’

Ann-Marie Broudehoux (2004) – book on post-mao china/beijing

Friendlies Campaign – look similar to Japanese kerowo?

Chair: Stephen Wagg (Leeds Metropolitan University)

10.45am-11.00am Break – Lower Gallery, James Graham

11.00am-12.15pm Session One: The Olympics, ‘Race’ and Identity


1) Tony Collins (Leeds Metropolitan University) on ‘The 1936 Olympics: A Local Perspective’

2) Stephen Wagg (Leeds Metropolitan University) on ‘In This Shrinking World: ‘Race’, the Olympics and the Wind of Change’

3) Rebecca Jenkins (Freelance Writer) on ‘Britain, Irish America and the 1908 Olympics’

Chair: Ben Carrington (University of Texas, Austin)

12.15pm-1.15pm Lunch – Hospitality area in the MetCeno

1.15pm-2.15pm Session Two: The Olympics: Communism and After


1)    Evelyn Mertin (Sport University of Cologne) on ‘The IOC decision on the Status of Athletes from West-Berlin’

2)    Hung Yu Liu (Ming-Hsin University of Science and Technology,  Taiwan) on ‘A Study of the Signing of Lausanne Agreement between IOC and Chinese Taipei’

Chair: Professor Garry Whannel (University of Bedfordshire)

2.15pm-2.30pm Break

2.30pm-3.45pm Session Three: Paralympic Issues


1)    Ian Brittain (University of Bedfordshire) on ‘The International Olympic Committee’s Relationship with International Disability Sport: Sixty Years in the Making’

2)    Hayley Fitzgerald (Leeds Metropolitan University) on ‘Does anyone care? The exclusion of learning disabled athletes and the Paralympics’

on classification: Vanlandewijck and chapel 1996 Doyle et al 2004 Tweedy 2002

3)    Maria Antritsou  (Leeds Metropolitan University) on ‘Goalball – An Olympic Sport?’

Chair: Professor Jim Parry (Leeds University)

3.45pm-4.00pm Break – Lower Gallery, James Graham

4.00pm-5.00pm Session Four: Artists Confront the Olympics

With Hilary Powell (Optimistic Productions)

Adventures in the Olympic Village

Screening and Presentation. 15-minute film followed by a visual presentation and discussion going deeper into the films context.

Hilary Powell of Optimistic Productions will screen her 15 - minute film ‘ The Games.’ Filmed in February 2007 the film stages a surreal alternative Olympics amid the East London sites set to become the 2012 London Olympic Park.

Chair: Professor Franco Bianchini (Leeds Metropolitan University)

5.00pm-6.15pm Session Five: The Olympics: Tourism, Heritage and Legacy


1)    Jason Wood (Heritage Consultant, Lancaster) on ‘Realising the value of sports history and heritage for the UK’s Cultural Olympiad – a plea for joined up government’

2)    Mary Smith (London East Research Institute, University of East London) on ‘The East End, London 2012 and the Question of Legacy’

Chair: TBC

18th July - Lecture Theatre E, James Graham

9.00am Registration – Entrance to James Graham

9.15am-10.30am Keynote: Helen Lenskyj (Emerita Professor, University of Toronto) on ‘Challenging Olympic Power and Propaganda’. Prof. Lenskyj’s paper will be read for her; she cannot now attend in person because of illness.

Chair: Professor Sheila Scraton (Leeds Metropolitan University)

10.30am-11.00am Break - Jubilee Room Helen Lenskyj’s book will be available for sale at a conference discount of £8.00

11.00am-12.30pm Session Six: The Olympics and the Media


1)    Garry Whannel (University of Bedfordshire) and Raymond Boyle (University of Stirling) on ‘Whose Truth? Whose Power? Olympic Finances and the Media’

2)    Andy Miah (University of the West of Scotland) on ‘Ambush Media: Journalistic Freedom and Media Politics at the Beijing Olympics’

3)    Jon Dart (Leeds Trinity and All Saints) on ‘A Whole New Blog Game’

Chair: Professor John Horne (University of Central Lancashire)

12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch – Hospitality area in the MetCeno

1.30pm-3.00pm Session Seven: Olympic Ideology


1)    Ian Ritchie (Brock University, Canada) on ‘Putting ‘Anti-doping’ to Rest: History and Mythology of Banned Substance Use in Olympic Sport’

2)    Alexandre Mestre (Sports Lawyer and Board Member, Portuguese Olympic Academy) on ‘The legal basis of the Olympic Charter’

3)    Stephany Tzanoudaki (Edinburgh College of Art, Centre for Visual and Cultural Studies) on ‘The Olympic City in the Postmodern era of its applied Utopianism’

Chair: Professor Tony Collins (Leeds Metropolitan University)

3.00pm-3.15pm Break – Lower Gallery, James Graham

3.15pm-4.30pm Session Eight: The Olympics: Policy, Protest, Resistance


1)    Jim Parry (University of Leeds) on ‘Olympic Ideals and Olympic Practice’

2)    Leo Hsu (Da-Yeh University, Taiwan) ‘Olympic Philosophy: An East Asian Perspective’

3)    Steve Wright (Leeds Metropolitan University) on ‘Legacies of Securing the Olympics in a Time of Terror: China and the Use of New Technologies of Political Control’

4)    Konstantinos Zervas (Leeds Metropolitan University) on ‘Saying No to the Olympics’.

Chair: Jonathan Long (Leeds Metropolitan University)