Human EnhancementBrussels, May 2008.

Human Enhancement    1 Ethiques et conduits dopantes    1 Patrick Laure, Universite Paris XI-Orsay    1

Ethiques et conduits dopantes Patrick Laure, Universite Paris XI-Orsay

Sense des couduites dopantes

Durkheim ‘le suicide’

Intentions of anti-doping:

Maintain health Guarantee ethics of sport Le corps rationnel du sport de haut niveau: ambivalences du depassment de soi Isabelle Queval

Alex Mauron

Thomas Beatie

Tracy Lagondino

Get the Nature reference from Alex

Genetic Enhancement: ethical questions Claudio Tamburrini

Distinctions between therapy -


somatic vs germ line

tyranny of the normal


consider how people want to recreat themselves

should state decide?

Objection from open future

Offspring could claim to have been harmed by not being enhanced

Dna mapping -    recent research (REQUEST REF – DANISH STUDY) -    big daily variations -    so no point mapping -    other substances might activate epo receptor -    cannot test for all possible others -    epo increases red cells mass, but decreases blood plasma, so overall mass unchanged, so no blod clots

postponing motherhood good for society

ME: feminist criticism is that women must change. Why not male pregnancy?

Gene doping plan might collide with genetic technology