ECSS congress Roger Rees victory, violence and values

Ref lessons of the locker room

Game reasoning - bredemeier and shields - moral reasoning in sports more egotistical than everyday life

Playing with pain is part of fair play, but injuring otherwise is not

Norwegian Sport City Program Skille

Sport for All driving policy

Myths of Norway NOC Monopoly, autonomy, and rel bw them and sport for all

Wolfarth, genathlete Do not think that ACE gene has any role in endurance

Msse yearly fitmap update

Heritage study

Animal models

Need to examine other genes

Q. Genetic endowment or trained ability ? - studydoes not take account of trainability, but not convinced that this would be such a wide difc

What about sprinters? - need higher sample size also limit of his study

Shuichi Chakravarthy,J Biol Chem, 2000

How. Does IGF-1 lnfluence p27Kip1 protein IGF-1 inhibit p27Kip1 Forced expression of Fox01 increased p27Kip1 IGF-1 promoted phophorylation of Akt and Fox01 skeletal muscle

Fox01 implicated in aging

Matsakas, myostatin Inhibit  Myostatin promote muscles growth myostatin important for muscles growth through exercise

Volkwein, Distorted Body Image Eating disorders