Olympia 2003: 6th Joint International Meeting of leaders from Higher Education Institutes. Doug Brown

Life histories on Olympians in and around Calgary, to assess the legacy of the Calgary Games.

Gertrud Pfister – gender and the Olympics

Problem of resources – poverty linked to lack of representtion (Jennifer Hargreaves)

2 of 1999 NOCs with female president

5% females in 13,000 top positions in sport world wide

1981 IOC ‘men only’ 1981 2 women in the IOC 2002 8.7% women Exec board 14m to 1 women President, vice presidents make Presidents NOCs, 197 men, 2 women

Concern for athletes posing nude for Playboy -    is this a sporting concern about gender? Is it even a concern about gender? Or do we care more generally about people posing nude for magazines? If the latter, then do we merely assert a conservatism, when we assert a concern for this phenomenon? Why are we concerned about the sexualisation of ‘people’?