Soon after the Glasgow march, I found myself in Barcelona, where the same sentiments about the war were visible in the major squares of the city. Here, in Placa St Jaume, protestors are prevented from entering the square by the police. One of these images is now being published within a book by Megan Boler titled 'Tactics in Hard Times: Digital Media and Democracy' (MIT Press) due out sometime in 2008 I believe. The unusual part of this image is that the Police attention was strangely focused. As it suggests, people were able to move in and out of the square, so the Police had a clear sense of whom needed to be prevented. Often in situations like this, it seems as though the deadlock is staged by both parties, each of which were keen to avoid any violent struggle. The tape across the mouths of some of these activists conveys this most persuasively, I think

Democracia - April 2003 - Anti-Iraq war in Barcelona