So, I've already failed to convey these stories chronologically. These images are taken from September 11, 2002, though I anticipate that there are some similarities with 2003. I ran around Manhattan a lot that day, from Ground Zero to Times Square. The juxtaposition of these two spaces was surreal. Around the chaos of Times Square were screens portraying the variable silence of what was happening downtime at Ground Zero. I've returned to New York twice a year, more or less, since 2002. Each time, I'm drawn to Ground Zero to see how it develops. My last visit was in May 2007 and it's now an active, positive space of rememberance. Many of its monuments are now fixed, the subway station underneath Ground Zero is well-presented and it feels like a historic space, rather than one that appears destroyed. The progress of construction is awesome. [tip: Join the New York Academy of Sciences and you can visit their reception in a building that overlooks Ground Zero. The view is breath taking.]



Union Square