We are pleased to announce a forthcoming one-day conference to be heldby the Science Technology Culture Research Group at the University of Nottingham (UK) on 19 September 2007. I would be very grateful if you would circulate the attached poster to all interested members of your department or institution:

Between the Human and the Post-Human: Technology and Humanity

Technological developments in fields such as IT, biotechnology, genomics, and reproductive technologies may well take us into a new and distinct era of human evolution. Consequently, terms such as 'posthuman' and 'transhuman', have gained a degree of common currency in recent years. The aim of this conference is to generate new interdisciplinary discussion on issues relating to potential reconceptualisations of the 'human' in the light of new technologies.


Don Ihde (Stony Brook University)

Lenny Moss (Exeter University)

Bronwyn Parry (Queen Mary London)

Robert Pepperell (Cardiff School of Art & Design)

To register, please contact conference organiser: john.marks [AT] nottingham.ac.uk