At the end of this week, the Cyprus Conference takes place, which is supported by the World Anti-Doping Agency. It describes itself as: "the first ever meeting of professionals and researchers interested in anti-doping research in the social and behavioural sciences and its applications in anti-doping policy making and doping prevention programs."

and includes a number of notables such as Barrie Houlihan and Bartha Maria Knoppers, thus further connecting bioethics and sport.

The trouble with this issue is that, if one takes even a dominant approach to the doping issue (that there are good reasons to seek its removal from sport), then there is so much work that should be done to link medical ethics and sport ethics. Perhaps it is more worthwhile to struggle for progress in that domain, rather than to align oneself with the dismantling of both dimensions by arguing for enhancement. Equally, one cannot but be drawn to the advancements in transhumanism, which seem to be establishing greater credibility day by day.