On July 9-10 this year, the Humanistic Olympics Studies Center in Beijing hosts its 4th meeting. The Beijing Games is particularly interesting for my own research as it has signalled that it will be a 'Hi-Tech Olympics'. Professor Jin Yuanpu from Renmin university of China recently submitted a paper for the programme of the University of East London meeting on the Olympics, which details some of these points. The manuscript of this paper presents an advanced thesis on the various uses of technology in sport, its challenges and potentials.  The theme for this year's meeting is cities and this will be particularly interesting for London 2012, which just this week signed agreements with Beijing to promote exchange and collaboration. As part of this, there is also interesting news for us academics. Quoting from the BOCOG site press release:

 "Livingstone will promote London as a tourist destination and academic center during his three-day visit to China"