Questions of social justice, morality and ethics pervade nearly everything I write about.

Whether it is the ethics of social media or of human enhancement, what matters to me is the degree to which science and technological culture alters humanity's conditions for the better or worse.

As a philosopher, I am compelled by the premise that our ability to think clearly about moral concepts is crucial in order for us to get right most things within our society. This doesn't mean that philosophy has all of the answers, far from it, but if we fail to get the philosophy right at the beginning, then anything else that follows is likely to be left wanting.

For instance, as one begins to consider the policy implications of emerging technologies, it quickly becomes apparent how a range of moral perspectives must be identified and accommodated to promote effective solutions. This requires philosophers to assist in making good arguments that can lead to good policies, even when sometimes issues are so complex as to frustrate any suitable resolution.

Most of the website posts I have made on ethics focus on bioethics, which is the core contribution I have made in this area. However, if you search more generally for ethics within the site, you will find a range of work.


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