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Media Art History 2011 - Rewire

CFPs 4th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and TechnologyLiverpool (2010, sep28-oct1) @UWScreative partner

Encyclopedia of Social Networks

Another massive reference text from SAGE and in it I have 2 contributions, one is on Yahoo! written with Ana Adi, the other on Virtual Worlds, written with Jennifer Jones. Priced at £225, this is one for your library to purchase!


Adi, A. & Miah, A. (2011) Yahoo!, in Barnett, G. Encyclopedia of Social Networks, SAGE.

Jones, J. & Miah, A. (2011) Virtual Worlds, in Barnett, G. Encyclopedia of Social Networks, SAGE.


International Olympic Academy

My lectures this year were broadly about applied ethical issues.

They  encompassed new media, environmental ethics, bioethics and human rights.

Lecture 1: Applied Ethics and the Olympic Movement

[slideshare id=1742934&doc=lecture1-ethicsolympics2009-090720034551-phpapp01]

Lecture 2: New Media Ethics and the Olympic Movement

[slideshare id=1750199&doc=lecture2-newmediaandolympics2009-090721150315-phpapp02]

Lecture 3: Environmental Ethics: An Inconvenient Olympics?

[slideshare id=1752033&doc=lecture3-environmentalethicsaolympics2009-090722024423-phpapp01]

Lecture 4: Bioethics and the Olympic Games

[slideshare id=1761254&doc=lecture4-bioethicsolympics2009-090723165154-phpapp01]

Lecture 5: Human Rights and the Olympic Movement

[slideshare id=1761428&doc=lecture5-humanrightsolympics2009-090723173450-phpapp02]