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Thanks to Cat Kramer, Zoe Papadopolous and Dr Anthony Mark Cutter for their participation in the Nanoscaled Salon at #ANDfest last month. fun times gassing about nano icecream (pictured above).


In August this year, I gave a lecture at KAIST in Daejeon on Ethical issues arising from nanotechnology. It was an awesome experience and there's such fantastic work happening there. If ever you have an opportunity visit the MIT of South Korea, then take it.

ICISTS-KAIST, one of the largest and most prestigious International Conference in Asia, would like to once again welcome you this summer. ICISTS-KAIST holds three workshops bound under our main theme of integration of science and technology into society. The delegates in each workshop will actively participate in team projects, debates, and various other programs after attending lectures by eminent orators. Q) What will the delegates do at ICISTS-KAIST 2009? #1. Sessions with prestigious lecturers We invite numerous great professionals from various fields of expertise. Last summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming Michael Pollitt, a twenty-seven-year-old CEO of the Shadow Robot Company; Steven Dubowsky, a professor at MIT; and Jim Dator, Director of the Hawaii Future Research Center, famous for being a futurist as well as being the partner of Alvin Toffler. You may look forward to meeting other great lecturers at ICISTS-KAIST 2009! #2. Integration of science and technology into society You will have gained an insightful opinion after having several in-depth discussions involving science and technology. The topics are carefully chosen from current science issues that have significant impact on our society. We guarantee that you will have broadened your view of the issues after the conference. #3. Interaction with an international student body At ICISTS-KAIST 2009, you will interact with students from almost 30 different countries, as well as Korean students from top universities in Korea, to form a world-wide human network. Social events include the Gala Night, the closing ceremony of ICISTS-KAIST when all delegates celebrate the end of our 4-day program. All delegates of the conference will share special memories and keep in touch even long after the close of the conference.

ICISTS-KAIST is an event in which you can develop an astute perspective and meet with international global leaders. In a world where science never ceases to undergo rapid development and affect society, students more educated and more concerned in the field of science and technology are needed. Attending lectures by eminent orators and interacting with other students, delegates will find what they were looking for at ICISTS-KAIST 2009.

This summer, ICISTS-KAIST 2009 awaits you!

<Goals of ICISTS-KAIST 2009> - Creating new points of view about current phenomena by communicating with professionals in various fields. - Offering opportunities for non-professionals to freely discuss about science and technology. - Formation of human networks among international students who have common interests. - Upbringing of global leaders with their unique visions on issues in science and technology.

<Conference Outline> 1. Name: ICISTS-KAIST 2009 2. Date: August 20th – 23rd (Orientation on August 19th), 2009 3. Place: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea 4. Contents: Workshop #1: Climate Change Workshop #2: Human-Computer Interaction Workshop #3: Nano-clinic (Choose one workshop among the three above) 5. Organized by: ICISTS Organizing Committee at KAIST 6. Target: University students around the world 7. Application: 1st application session: April 1st – May 16th, 2009 (discount in fees) 2nd application session: May 24th – June 30th, 2009 3rd application session: July 1st – July 31st, 2009

Please complete the application form and the essay on our homepage,

Our promotional brochures outlining the program can be found on: (English) (Korean) * If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at