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Google Glass  - my research

Google Glass - my research

I am in the process of completing an article and am now thinking about to which journal I will submit it, so I thought I'd put out a teaser of its structure and seek opinions/interest. It is broadly about the future of wearable/implantable technology and takes the period of working with Google Glass as an insight into this world, drawing on a range of datasets. It is based on 2 years of work with Glass from 2013-2015 and the article is likely to be about 10,000 words. I'm expecting to finish it over the summer and am interested in editors who might like to receive a submission. If that's you, please get in touch. And here's a link to some of the more informal experiments, along with a talk I gave at Google HQ about the subject.



Ok Glass?  
The Aspirations and Anxieties of the
Google Glass Generation. 


This article explores the two-year period in which Google Glass was promoted publicly and released commercially on an Open Beta ‘explorer’ basis (2013-2015). It examines the aspirations of the developers and advocates and the anxieties of of (potential) user groups and eventual reactions of new users, to understand how people imagine the impact of and experience wearable technologies. The research draws on six datasets, which consist of YouTube videos, tweets from Twitter, and video recordings of user, to create an impression of what took place around the emergence of Glass. Together, the datasets create a complex device ethnography of Glass, which speak to its imagined transformative potential and a future where wearable technologies generally, which foreground a new research agenda for digital culture scholars.



The Limits of Digital Design


Background on the Google Glass Experiments

How Glass Worked

What Could Glass Do?


What Google Wanted from Glass

How ‘Explorers’ Used Glass

How Customers Imagined Glass

How Parody Explained User Anxieties

What People Saw Through Glass

The First 10 Seconds of Glass Experience


Google Glass: The Story so Far

Conclusion: Was Google Glass a Failure?

Is Google Glass Intelligent? #throughglass

Is Google Glass Intelligent? #throughglass


Over the last few months, I have been traveling the world wearing Google Glass, giving demos to people, seeing their reactions, documenting the journey. One quirk I have noticed over this period is that, now and then, the device would take a photograph without my intending for it to do so. It would just snap away and I am left with a collection of accidental least, I presume they are accidental. I suppose it is possible that this is actually a design feature of Google Glass. Perhaps Google is deciding when the device takes a photo. Are there Google employees in the basement of the HQ all monitoring what each device is seeing and pushing a big red button when they want a photograph to be taken? I hope so :) Here's the first set of from this autonomous photographic device.


Google Glass Explorer

Google Glass Explorer


I recently joined the Google Glass Explorer community, after having spent the last few months working on a couple of papers about Glass. Planning a little film project around the experience and a whole bunch of other stuff. Watch this space.

Google Glass Envy

Google Glass Envy


Some old guys consider their relevance when confronted with the next generation