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Strange Culture (2007)

Trailer [youtube: 600 400]

Interview with Director & Steve Kurtz:

[youtube: 600 400]

Yann Marussich performs 'Bleu Remix'

[youtube: 600 400] Taken at the FACT, Liverpool Sk-interfaces launch, part of its Human Futures programme.

Bioteknica - Vision 360 - 2007

[youtube=] APR 18/APR 23 Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet have dedicated themselves to mastering the techniques of tissue engineering. But they are not scientists. They are artists - and their art is raising profound and controversial questions.

Bailey and Willet are Canada's leading practitioners of "Bio Art," an emerging form that uses the tools of biology to create works of art. The goal is to draw attention to the field of biotechnology and its impact on society.

On its next edition, VisionTV's Gemini Award-nominated current affairs series 360 Vision takes a close look at the meaning and purpose of Bio Art, and the powerful reactions that it evokes.

Bioteknica: LiveLifeLab

[youtube: 600 400] Vernissage at the FOFA Gallery at Concordia University (gallery director Lynn Beavis). BIOTEKNICA is a not-for-profit artist collective founded by Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet in 2000. Its purpose is to investigate critically the ethics, aesthetics, and technological potential for new art forms that lie at the intersection of the arts and the biological sciences

Stelar Prosthetic Head

[youtube: 600 400]

ZeroOne :: Jennifer Willett and Oron Catts

[youtube: 600 400] Jennifer Willett and Oron Catts interviewed about their exhibit at ISEA2006 / ZeroOne San Jose in August 2006 to create Teratological Prototypes in collaboration with the Tissue Culture & Art Project.

SK-interfaces, Liverpool

The launch exhibit of FACT's Human Futures programme was fantastic. Friends came up from London, Orlan was hanging around and we saw a wonderful performance by live artist, titled 'Blue Remix', which was the highlight of the evening.