This last few days, I have been working with an amazing group of people from Salford in producing the Virtual Chernobyl Experience around the 30th Anniversary of the Disaster.

This video is still the best overview of what we did.

All of these people need credit for their extraordinary efforts in making it happen. They all came through at short notice and put time in well beyond the job description and they are all yet more reasons for why I feel very lucky at Salford to have such talented, versatile people.  

They are:

  • Dr Mike Wood, Lead Scientist - will literally fly through the night to get the job done
  • Simon Campion - VR wizard who worked the Oculus content
  • Mikhail Polshaw - VR go to for 360 rendering at short notice
  • Dr Gary Kerr - sci comm agitator, evaluator, and all round 'can doer'
  • Ross Fawkes - science guy, PhD aspiring
  • Moo - puts radiation detectors on Reindeer
  • Rosie Mawdsley - Producing ninja at MSI Manchester
  • Justin Webb - Press master at MSI
  • Gareth Holllyman - Press 2.0 doer at Salford Uni
  • Nicol Caplin - the fastest sci comm'r in town. all the way up from Bristol
  • Darren Langlands - videographer at Salford Uni
  • ...and a whole bunch of STEM volunteers who went the extra mile

And here's what we did...CBBC Newsround