This week, I ran a FameLab taster session at the Museum of Science and Industry with Dee-Ann Johnson from Manchester University and Sam Illingworth from Manchester Metropolitan University. It's a wonderful thing that the universities are collaborating on making Manchester a mecca for science communication and the whole event was loads of fun.

I focused my contribution on what I describe as the 10 Commandments of FameLab - a number of principles taken from recent winning performances.

It's a work in progress, but you get the idea. Blatantly reliant on other films, but hopefully done enough to them to make it a worthwhile contribution and a distinct thing, a homage even.

I also spent my time getting the participants to go through a mock FameLab test, filming each other with mobile phones and shooting with a bigger camera, just to get over that first hurdle! We had some great candidates and I think it will be a strong regional heat!