Here's my 'holding slide' for the Games time period.  Available for interview Contact: +44 (0) 757 898 4147 / @andymiah / Interview topics: doping, Olympic politics, London atmosphere, local issues, social media, Oscar Pistorius, sport technology, ethics, gene doping, cultural olympiad, London 2012 Festival, Olympic politics

Qualifications: primary research at 6 Olympic Games (Winter and Summer), Prof at International Olympic Academy, interviews live+recorded for major programmes (BBC Newsnight, CBC The Hour), writing for Washington Post, Guardian, Independent, Times). Dates: I will be in London 21-22 July, then 26 July - 13 August, then 1-10 September.

Games Time Interviews to date. Some of these are derived from the same source eg. a Reuters piece in English picked up by Bolivia, but I figure, if someone has bothered to translate it,  then it counts.

  1. Worldwide - Associated Press x3, BBC World Service x3 (with David Eades; with Gareth Mitchell) , Reuters, Reuters, University World News,
  2. Australia - ABC Radio, Canberra Times,
  3. Bolivia - Los Tiempos
  4. Brazil -  TV Globo, Meio y Mensagem
  5. Canada - CBC The CurrentCTV Globe & Mail, Vancouver Sun
  6. China - Tech Web,
  7. France - AFP
  8. India - The Economic Times, The Indian Express
  9. Indonesia - The Jakarta Post
  10. Italy - La Stampa, Linkiesta,
  11. Ireland - Irish Medical Times,
  12. Kuwait - Arab Times
  13. Netherlands - Sportgeschiedenis
  14. New Zealand - New Zealand Herald
  15. Japan - Japan Today,
  16. South Korea - TBS eFM's "This Morning" 
  17. Turkey - BBC online
  18. United Kingdom:  BBC News 24, BBC Online, BBC online,  Daily MirrorHuffington Post, BBC2 Newsnight, House Magazine, The Independent, Metro Blogs, Podium for 2012, Wallpaper Magazine (UK), Chris McEnroe Show, Sunday Express, Sunday Express, Wired Magazine (with Ian Steadman)
  19. United States of America - Boston Globe (USA), Chicago TribuneESPNFox News, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, Salon, Wired,
  20. Vietnam - Talk Vietnam

Articles published during the Olympic month