This week, I am in Sao Paulo for the 1st Congress on Genomics and Sport, taking place at the Federal University of Sao Paulo. Some of the good and great in this area are here, many are among my oldest colleagues. My first talk on this was in 1999 at the 1st Conference on Human Rights and Sport, in Sydney. I'm aiming to give a retrospective on what's happened in bioethics and sport over the last decade, while presenting my typology of human enhancements. We'll also have a book presentation of both the Brazilian translation of 'Genetically Modified Athletes' and the new 'Olympics: Basics' book.

Among the questions I am asked about this topic is whether there will be genetically modified athletes at the next Olympic Games and I've been asked this for Athens, Torino, Beijing, and Vancouver. The honesty answer is, we don't know. IF there are, they may not win and they could certainly be risking serious health problems, but for some years now scientists have argued that it is technically feasible to achieve with limited means.