After the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, the summary report acknowledged the growing volume of practice-based research outputs within the Communication, Cultural & Media Studies Unit of Assessment. It also emphasized the need for practice-based researchers to provide clearer detail on the research process underpinning their work, but questions remain about how any given output should be evaluated. As well, while many departments expressed their investment into practice and theory, practice-based outputs constituted less than 5% of the total outputs submitted across all results. Given the increased use of practice-based methodologies within REF2014 UoA36, how should research outputs like exhibitions, documentary films, media art, or scriptwriting be evaluated by the peer review panels? And how should we account for interdisciplinary practice-based outputs, for example work at the intersections of media and performance or media and music?

This free event is hosted by the Creative Futures Research Centre at the University of the West of Scotland, and is co-funded by the MeCCSA Practice Section. It is designed to give peers an opportunity to inform the Research Excellence Framework 2014 in benchmarking quality for the future.

Where: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow When: March/April 2012 TBC

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