This semester, our School launched the cf. Research Centre, which will be the focus for my work in the University. The cf. is a transdisciplinary unit of investigation, broadly focused on the interface between STEM and non-STEM subjects. For those unfamiliar with STEM subjects, a quick Google search will reveal how these areas have become focal points for the research sector in the UK and elsewhere.

This is one of the most overlooked areas in our present research climate and our Associates' expertise in science, technology, ethics, art, media and culture hope to put us in a unique position to think about the future of knowledge development within society.

As a humanities and social science based Centre, one of our overarching aspirations is to challenge the idea that STEM and non-STEM research can be neatly separated into separate domains. Some of our Centre's upcoming activities thus include projects that explore links between ethics and medicine, art and computing, culture and economics, and all of our work is focused on the future of humanity and considering what kinds of knowledge are necessary to cultivate.

Stay tuned for more information and activity, follow us on Twitter @CreativeFutur.