My latest publication in Pramod Nayar's new anthology. Our chapter is titled 'The Bioethics of Cybermedicalization' Moving beyond traditional cyberculture studies paradigms in several key ways, this comprehensive collection marks the increasing convergence of cyberculture with other forms of media, and with all aspects of our lives in a digitized world.

  • Includes essential readings for both the student and scholar of a diverse range of fields, including new and digital media, internet studies, digital arts and culture studies, network culture studies, and the information society
  • Incorporates essays by both new and established scholars of digital cultures, including Andy Miah, Eugene Thacker, Lisa Nakamura, Chris Hables Gray, Sonia Livingstone and Espen Aarseth
  • Created explicitly for the undergraduate student, with comprehensive introductions to each section that outline the main ideas of each essay
  • Explores the many facets of cyberculture, and includes sections on race, politics, gender, theory, gaming, and space
  • The perfect companion to Nayar's Introduction to New Media and Cyberculture

Table of Contents

Preface ix Acknowledgments x Acknowledgments to Sources xii Introduction 1

PART ONE THEORIES, POETICS, PRACTICES 7 1 Web Sphere Analysis and Cybercultural Studies 11 Kirsten Foot 2 What Does it Mean to be Posthuman? 19 N. Katherine Hayles 3 Digitextuality and Click Theory: Theses on Convergence Media in the Digital Age 29 Anna Everett 4 The Double Logic of Remediation 46 Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin 5 The Database 50 Lev Manovich 6 Making Meaning of Mobiles: A Theory of Apparatgeist 65 James E. Katz and Mark A. Aakhus

PART TWO SPACE, PLACE, COMMUNITY 77 7 Post-Sedentary Space 79 William J. Mitchell 8 The End of Geography or the Explosion of Place?: Conceptualizing Space, Place and Information Technology 90 Stephen Graham 9 Asphalt Games: Enacting Place Through Locative Media 109 Michele Chang and Elizabeth Goodman 10 Thought on the Convergence of Digital Media, Memory, and Social and Urban Spaces 117 Federico Casalegno

PART THREE RACE IN/AND CYBERSPACE 129 11 Cybertyping and the Work of Race in the Age of Digital Reproduction 132 Lisa Nakamura 12 Thinking Through the Diaspora: Call Centers, India, and a New Politics of Hybridity 151 Raka Shome 13 Voices of the Marginalized on the Internet: Examples from a Website for Women of South Asia 166 Ananda Mitra

PART FOUR BODIES, EMBODIMENT, BIOPOLITICS 183 14 Hypes, Hopes and Actualities: New Digital Cartesianism and Bodies in Cyberspace Megan Boler 185 15 The Bioethics of Cybermedicalization 209 Andy Miah and Emma Rich 16 Biocolonialism, Genomics, and the Databasing of the Population 221 Eugene Thacker PART FIVE GENDER, SEX, AND SEXUALITIES 251 17 Assembling Bodies in Cyberspace: Technologies, Bodies, and Sexual Difference 254 Dianne Currier 18 Lesbians in (Cyber)space: The Politics of the Internet in Latin American On- and Off-line Communities 268 Elisabeth Jay Friedman 19 E-Rogenous Zones: Positioning Pornography in the Digital Economy 284 Blaise Cronin and Elisabeth Davenport 20 Race, Gender and Sex on the Net: Semantic Networks of Selling and Storytelling Sex Tourism 307 Peter A. Chow-White

PART SIX POLITICS, POLITICAL ACTION, ACTIVISM 325 21 Internet Studies in Times of Terror 328 David Silver and Alice Marwick 22 Free Labor: Producing Culture for the Digital Economy 335 Tiziana Terranova 23 Ensuring Minority Rights in a Pluralistic and “Liquid” Information Society 357 Birgitte Kofod Olsen 24 Hacktivism: All Together in the Virtual 369 Tim Jordan

PART SEVEN GAMES, GAMING, META-UNIVERSES 379 25 Games Telling Stories: A Brief Note on Games and Narratives 382 Jesper Juul 26 WoW is the New MUD: Social Gaming from Text to Video 394 Torill Elvira Mortensen 27 Women and Games: Technologies of the Gendered Self 408 Pam Royse, Joon Lee, Baasanjav Undrahbuyan, Mark Hopson, and Mia Consalvo 28 To the White Extreme: Conquering Athletic Space, White Manhood, and Racing Virtual Reality 425 David J. Leonard 29 Your Second Life?: Goodwill and the Performativity of Intellectual Property in Online Digital Gaming 441 Andrew Herman, Rosemary J. Coombe, and Lewis Kaye

PART EIGHT THE DIGITAL, THE MOBILE, THE PERSONAL, AND THE EVERYDAY 465 30 Taking Risky Opportunities in Youthful Content Creation: Teenagers’ Use of Social Networking Sites for Intimacy, Privacy and Self-expression 468 Sonia Livingstone 31 Dynamics of Internet Dating 483 Helene M. Lawson and Kira Leck 32 Screening Moments, Scrolling Lives: Diary Writing on the Web 499 Madeleine Sorapure 33 Your Life in Snapshots: Mobile Weblogs 515 Nicola Döring and Axel Gundolf 34 Assembling Portable Talk and Mobile Worlds: Sound Technologies and Mobile Social Networks 526 John Farnsworth and Terry Austrin 35 New Media, Networking and Phatic Culture 534 Vincent Miller Index 544