Today, I was in Cambridge at Corpus Christi for a debate about human enhancement and sport. Within the line up were Dr Alun Williams, Dr Thomas Petersen and world record breaking Paralympian gold medal winner Clare Cunningham, chaired by Michele Verroken

It was part of their 'Triple Helix' seminar series. Here was their brief:

"Hormones, vitamins, stimulants and depressives are oils upon the creaky machinery of life.  Principal item, however, is the machinery."  Martin H. Fischer

Sport is about pushing the human body as far as is physically possible. But what about scientific advancements that can surpass these limitations? The expanding spheres of molecular biology and materials science give more possibilities to extend human strength and endurance. To confuse issues further, there are a whole host of legal supplements that can enhance performance, and technology is improving sports equipment not just humans.

In the second of two debates examining human enhancement, join our panel of experts to discuss the impact science is having and will have on sport: