In 2005, I was invited to speak at Harvard Law School. I had a few days around Cambridge and Boston and dedicated a page on my website to what I found. In the transition to my new site, this page recreates that experience. The new Stata building at MIT is reminiscent of Gehry's other recent work, particularly Bilbao's Guggenheim. It also has the wild techno-organic quality of Edinburgh's Holyrood, designed by the late Enric Miralles. The first day I visited the campus was so beautiful that the reflection on the panels was dazzling. I was told that this building was very controversial, partly due to its  design being noncontextual. All images are now on flickr

Harvard University

I didn't spend much time looking around the university, which seems to consist of a strange mix of ancient grandeur and tourist fiesta. However, when you get into the campus, the atmosphere is much more calm and reflective. Even if you dont read, it feels like you should go to find a library.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

I spent a few hours on a couple of different days walking around the campus. I was lucky enough to have a friend to give me a guided tour, who is working in a elite sport technology centre, on product design and development.

From BALCO to Bioethics, Harvard Law School

The symposium was organised by Dan Vorhaus in the Ethics, Law and Biotechnology Society and was hosted by the Harvard Law School and a range of other sponsors. The panel consisted of myself, Professor Dan Brock, Dr Olivier Rabin (WADA), and was chaired by Dr Gil Siegal. There could not have been a better venue for this debate, since there is so much work to be done on the legal dimensions of gene doping. For more details about this meeting, visit the bioethics and sport blog.

Cambridge & Boston, MA

Staying in between MIT and Harvard places you a little outside of Boston. The subway is very quick, but it helps to stay at a location near to one of the stations. I spent a day looking around Boston, the usual hot spots. The Institute for Contemporary Art around Back Bay is worth a visit. A small space, but some good work. If you stay in Cambridge, it is worthwhile residing around Harvard Square, which is a very active place with lots of nice bars. Unfortunately, it is not cheap!