WADA World Congress Jacque Rogge

Not just about elite sport

‘it is a public health problem -    ‘high school and university sports programmes’

‘hundreds of thousands of teenagers’

‘general sporting public’ – recreational

EU report doping risen from 5% to more than 20%

Raw Deal

Richard W. Pound

Joining of sport and government


Minister of Education, Spain

New Spanish law this year


Craig Reedie

Wada history

1998 – festina scandal at tour 1999 – world conference, Lausanne

Foundation under Swiss Law Foundation board of 38 Executive of 12

Healh, Medical and Research (Ljunqvist) -    List -    LAB -    TUE -    Gene Doping

ME: where is Ethical Issues Review Panel??






Arne Ljunqvist

Key outcomes of research programme

Anabolic Steroids -    disocery of desoxyMethylTestosterone -    detection of 6 oxo compounds -    method of detect aromatase inhibitors -    devel of CRMs for steroids -    proof of conversion of supplements into nanrolone -    detection of new long lasting metabolities -    genetic and ethnic differences in adrogen excretion -    devel of in vitro syst to identify AS

Blood Doping

Third gene doping symposium in 2008

Food supplements -    if needed, why? If irregular food intake, should correct.

Even within same bottle, some pills have banned substances and others not.

David Howman

160 tests of Marion Jones – not one adverse finding

Operation Gear Grinder 2005 – mexico