On Buried Hatchets and Better Tomorrows

Nora Young, Spark

What mainstream media can learn from social media Transparency – we’ve learned not to be protective –

Show parts of invus not normally broadcast

Using twitter - info medium, but sometimes use to develop story ideas.

Change of culture of the book – linear, to web

From indiv perspective to collaborative.

As big as shift from oral to book culture

Mcluhanite ecology of information


73m people in china access web only through phones

mobile web

broader technological shift – virtual meeting real

new apps: - poken - touchatag - smart posters

what happens when perpetual info

doesn't have to be detached from geography – hyperlocal – the neighbourhood

use number crunching in local -    crime map – uk home office using

complexity of social relationship

sustainability alec steffan – access to info, to change way we consume from buying objects to sharing – eg. an electric drill – average person uses it for v limited amout in their life –

change in consumption patterns through info

Jennifer vandermere – green activist – innovation strategist – gap: between what people say they want and what they buy. – can only close gap by bringing designers closer to consumers – better marriage of information – beyond focus groups -

Clay sherkey –

Andrew keen – the cult of the amateur -    I think he’s wrong


teh funny Rob Cottingham Socialsignal.com/n2s

Host city for the 2010 olympic riots


What makes social media funny

Podcast – funny or not?

End-user license agreements?

Beta testing

Collaboralot – private beta


Blogging -    monetizing blog

Mental Health Illness and Social Media

Acute pluracy – inflammation between 2 linings in lung


what do people use.

Interesting discussion about online etiquette. Whether it’s ok to not reply to an IM. Some people say it’s ok, some think it’s person specific. – majority of people think it’s ok – but IM has changed a lot –now you can see when people are typing and when they seem to have stopped mid message.

Kevin rose

IM as a presence application

Nearly nobody spends time in SL here.