Social Media: Uses and Abuses Provisional Outline for the Day: Room: David Wilson Library, First floor, Seminar Room 1


10.00am    Session on Twitter (for those who want to set up on their laptop phone) – Jennifer Jones & Jake Fudge

10.30am     Registration opens (Tea and Coffee)

10.50am    Housekeeping, explanation of one-tweet initiative and details of blog. Participants will be asked to tweet once after every session – to round up thoughts and summarize discussion. This can be tagged #usesandabuses so that we can track conversation throughout the day. Can be followed on (large screen) – or using online tools. Speakers will be asked to pose the audience one question to take away from their talk and to be discussed within the breakout sessions. - Jennifer Jones

11.00am     Welcome from Department of Media and Communications/University of Leicester Barrie Gunter

Iran Twitter 1 millionth word in eng language = web 2.0

11.15pm     Gillian Youngs Title of talk:  Social ‘Me’-dia: real-time connections and virtual identity

Social media is not new. Sociospatial/geospatial realities

Beijing UN Women’s conference -

12.00pm     PhD Panel : 15 mins x participant. Jin Shang Title of talk: Jennifer Jones Title of talk: Tia Azulay (DMU – MA Online Writing) Title of talk:

Each participant finishes the presentation with a question to ask audience, which can be discussed during the breakout session.

12.45pm    Breakout session (which can continue whilst lunch is being served.) PhD panel will take a group each, alongside designated facilitators (to guide conversation) – discuss questions posed by speakers and summarise discussion by tweeting once

Jennifer Jones

Internet as an object vs social space Self-defined user

Creative Cuppa: Switch ON/OFF of ‘Digital Community’ Jin Shang

A Creative Writer Explores Social Media TiaTALK.WORDPRESS.COM

Another perfec world – on 4od 1.00pm    Lunch

5 of top 10 novels in japan was written on a cell phone

twitterature – redoing the classics twitterarti

1.45pm    Andy Miah Title of talk: Details of talk: Q +A Question to ask audience for break session.

2.30pm     Toby Moores Title of talk: Details of talk: Q+A Question to ask audience for break session.

Quick, audioboo, 12seconds

Reuters event cast - bring in voices of informed public, who had become separate from media/political/celebrity

we can capture the voice that we hadn’t heard before (public)

content and conversation coming together

this is what we should be doing:

aggregation mediation augmentation

3.15pm    Breakout Session – discussion, leading into…

3.30pm        Tea and Coffee

3.45pm    Rachel Gibson Title of talk: Details of talk: Q+A: Question to ask audience for break session.

New Media and Barack Obama Before obama, feeling that not much change happening from perspective of politics

What did the Obama campaign do differently? - the obama website. Facebook, flickr, you tube, website was the main thing - gave users control to affect

iphone application

Vote Different video on youtube

Components of campaign - hub: mybo - spokes: email, rss, sms, - 3rd party platform – blogosphere, social networking

reversal of professionalization – towards amateurization

Pew Internet and American Life 200 - campaign stats - 56% active online in relation to presidential campaign - 18% forward another’s commentary

4.30pm    Panel Discussion: Leicester Politics and Social Media Ross Grant Jamie Potter Keith Perch (TBC)

5.10pm    Break out session – speakers and facilitators

5.40pm    Round up of tweets from one tweet iniciative, information about follow up.

6.00pm     Close.