European Federation of SexologyMay, 2004, Brighton.

Monica Whitty - cyber infidelity -    check 2003 paper in CyberPsych and Behav

Kitzinger and Powell (1995) story completion method Representations of internet infidelity Gender differences -    Taylor (1986) men judge husbands affair as more justiable -    Sheppared nelson, andreoli-Mathie (1995) men rate infidelity as more acceptable -    Women more unset by emotional -    Sex intercourse main act to case jealousy

Content analysis on hypothetical situation

Is it betrayal? -    51% betrayal as unfairful -    84% act of betayal

reasons for why scenario not infidelity -    just friends -    just flirtatious and fun -    it’s a computer -    don’t know person will never meet -    no physical sex -    person cheating with is of same sex

why wrong? -    emotional infidelity o    “it Is cheating” -    sexual infidelity o -    secrets -    cant have relationship wit more than one person o    “not prepared to ‘share’ him with someone else”

impact on relationships: -    aggrieved feelings -    break-up -    loss of trust -    revenge stories -    betrayer feels hurt/depressed/upset/anger -    less time together -    shock -    sexuality inadequate -    self-esteem

Griffiths and Young – online addiction

Conclusions -    limited to a hypothetical sitn -    cyber-affairs potential serious impat on relationship -    equal important given to emotional and sexual infidelity

Rules of acceptability in relation to online acts not clear defined. We know more clearly about this offline.

Louise Madden Locating t social in lang of computer mediated sexuality: case of sexualised spamming in realtime chat.

All messages are initial messages,

ME: what kind of utopia?

Trudy Barber

Brief history of technosex -    erotic imagery from China -    1734: mechanical vibrator -    1880: romantic novel -    1900: electrical vibrator for self tratement -    Rachel Maines: the Technology of Orgasm -    Devel of orgasm influ emancipation project

Vulcanisation of rubber – originally for industry, now a fetish -    unforeseen conseqs of technology -    covered in their technology of choice -    gas mask

new sexual expt with new digital technologies -    minority report: Pleasure emporium -    PVC Trinity – in matrix o    Whole of matrix is about fetishism (wanting to be in computer, computer in you)

Electro Stimulation -    electro sex pack

ET-312B – 100% Digital ecstasy -    programmes that can let you – Phaser – connect body to musical track that will let you decide when to have the orgasm -    technological determ or mediation?

Online we become subject and object of desire -    website for technology

mechanical metaphor (Brooke 1991)

technologies are mechanical ext of penis or clitoris

Master R’s Willing ‘victim’ – one of her subjects, (amazing fetishes, also loves artwork, critcket, etc) -    ‘intel inside’ -    possibly find him online -    cost and battery life main hurdles to this being possible -    Master R’s postmodern harem -    Adult digiplay -    Postmodern masturbation - o    can plug into -    do not have to be a bodiless entity in cyberspace.