MedeaElectronique media lab residenciesKoumaria2009 ? international open call

Between the 23rd and 31st of October, 2009 MedeaElectronique organizes Koumaria fall residency offering a week?s retreat for media artists in rural Sparta, Greece.

At the foot of Mount Taigetos, a huge private olive grove will be transformed into a laboratory for contemporary art. Offering a 400 square meter residency made into a mixed media art studio, we aim to bring together artists of different disciplines in order to develop a collective mixed media art project.

We are interested in the process itself, as a hypothesis and as an experiment in the search for an emerging work ethic, an intense and refreshing experience that will serve as a model for future creative gatherings.

The outcomes we are aiming at: ? A public performance on the 31st of October in Athens, Greece ? Material and ideas for further research and processing ? Recorded improvisations and other emergent pieces of work to be shared and distributed in appropriate forms between the participants ? Documentation of the whole process to be analysed and elaborated on ? Further inspiring and productive collaborations to be initiated

The specificity of the place hints towards thematic directions relating to the ideas of creation and growth, serenity, light and the processes of natural flow, universals, as well as the journey outward and within. Anything else that might resonate with the participants during the residency will be greatly appreciated.

There will be a fare amount of relaxed personal space, friendly communal life, conversations, common experiments and improvisation, as well as daily key group sessions for reviewing, processing and structuring of ideas and materials.

We are looking for practitioners active in such diverse fields as: Electroacoustics, sonic art, live electronics, field recording, instrumental improvisation, performance art, VJing, video art, creative computer programming, creative hardware modification, plastic arts, conceptual art, drama, philosophy and semiotics. The list is non exhaustive and we will be happy to consider any interesting proposal.

The ideal participants would have interdisciplinary interests and a strong creative drive. They would be happy to share and embrace ideas, techniques, material, time and energy. They would need good social and communication skills, as well as the ability to function in a wide range of situations. A respect to the craft and the powers of improvisation will be also greatly appreciated.

We are expecting participants to enjoy a degree of self-sufficiency concerning creative tools: e.g. laptop, soundcard, recorder, microphone(s), headphones, camera(s), instruments and so on. We will be providing basic technical support including: a Mac G5 with Logic and Final Cut, assorted plugins, a 32-channel digital mixing desk, high-end monitoring, a range of studio microphones, preamps and sound processors, digital recorders, projector, materials, internet, etc.

Organic food from the farm and transport to nearby villages will be also provided. There will be access to a telescope dome observatory on the roof of the building. MedeaElectronique offers a limited number of bursaries meant to cover travel and other expenses (depending on each case). Particular technical and other arrangements will be made with each individual after initial selection.

Please download the application form from

Submit not later than the 15th of June 2009, by email to Selection will be completed by 15 July 2009.

For more information contact the project curator Stelios Giannoulakis at