Media Art Scoping SymposiumVital Signs: Revisited Media art education at the intersection of science, technology  and culture

Date: July 4th - 5th 2009 Location: Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia

Call for Abstracts - Deadline 27th March 2009

The media/electronic art scoping symposium seeks to explore the current pioneering educators, artists and scientists who have brought about the dissolution of boundaries that have traditionally existed between the artistic and technological disciplines. The symposium will survey the work of media art educators who have developed new interdisciplinary curricula, facilities and information technologies.

The symposium aims to add to the media art scoping study via collaborating between leading universities in Australia currently conducting research and academic teaching and learning programs in new media/electronic arts. The symposium will explore influential theoretical, scientific and philosophical pedagogies that have influenced the development of media/ electronic arts.

It is the ambition of the scoping project to establish the basis for a functional network model. Significantly, the establishment of an online historical database and link to the symposium will provide a body of information to assist development of appropriate infrastructure reflecting an approach to training that is in tune with the distinctive characteristics of the discipline area now and for the future.

The Mass symposium calls for refereed and non referred papers, posters on the following themes •    media art, media art histories and associated pedagogical strategies. •    media art in the context of contemporary art education. •    examples of media art, descriptions and analysis of science, media art and culture. •    creative practice as research in new media •    media art innovations in teaching and learning

These would be based on the introduction and infiltration of digital media, technologies and related pedagogies in disciplines such as Art & Design, Architecture, the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences; as well as examples of interdisciplinarity through art-science-technology collaborations.

We particularly wish to encourage presentations from and about new developments in teaching Media Art. Proposals are welcomed from academics, artists, theorist, and researchers in media art, media art history, performance studies, literature, film, and science and technology studies.

Deadline for 200 word abstracts: 27th March 09. Please submit proposals by email to: Julian Stadon Media Art Scoping Symposium organizer Abstracts of proposals, panel presentations and posters should be submitted in either text, RTF, or Word formats.