This friday, I'm chairing a roundtable at an arts event in Birmingham. Here are the other participants. Table 3 - In an era of technological and biological advancement what role can the arts play?

Facilitator: Andy Miah / John Cocker, Arts Development Officer / Sima Gonsai, Artist / Ruth Harvey-Regan, Curator / Isata Kanneh, Community Development / Rita Patel, Artist / Gurminder Sehint / Rob Venus, Arts Development Officer / Trevor Woolery, Artist

Table 1 - How do artists inspire greater social responsibility towards sustainable communities?

Facilitator: Juliet Bain / Chloe Brown, Arts Organisation / Ollie Buckley, Curator / Anand Chhabra, Artist / Sara Clowes, Funder / Sian Evans, Producer/Curator / Jose Forrest-Tennant, Curator / Owen Hurcombe, Arts Development Officer / Zoe Shearman, Curator / Justin Wiggan, Artist

Table 2 - How can artists enable us to move beyond a simplistic understanding of diversity and what it means today?

Facilitator: Khembe Clarke / Saranjit Birdi, Artist / Joan Gibbons, Academic / Martin Glynn, Artist / Ajmal Hussain, Academic / Ioannis Ioannou, Curator / Mike Layward, Arts Organisation / Anouk Perinpanayagam, Consultant / Lorraine Proctor, Community Development / Lorna Rose, Artist

Table 4 - What role do religion and/ or spirituality play in negotiating arts practice and engagement?

Facilitator: Naz Koser / Robert Bowers, Artist / Tom Grosvenor, Curator / Mitra Memarzia, Artist / Cathryn Ravenhall, Arts Development Officer / Claire Rooney, Community Development / Craig Trafford, Artist / Mel Tomlinson, Artist

Table 5 - How do space and place impact on arts practice, perceptions and social engagement?

Facilitator: Peter Dunn / Shaheen Ahmed, Artist / Mukhtar Dar, Arts Organisation / Kate Green, Artist / Karl Greenwood, Arts Organisation /Elizabeth Hawley, Arts Development Officer / Rob Hewitt, Arts Development Officer / Helen Jones, Curator / Feng-Ru Lee, Artist / Ian Sergeant, Arts Development Officer / Kaye Winwood, Curator