ISEA 2009

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I've recently become involved with ISEA 2009 as a Steering Committee member and Programme Theme Chair for 'Posthumanism: New Technologies and Creative Strategies'. here's a sneak preview at what I'll be looking for with Co-Chair Mike Stubbs of FACT and our panel team:

"Posthumanism operates at the interface of transhumanism and cyborgology, drawing attention to the convergent spaces of biology and artifice. Its manifestation through a range of biopolitical events, along with the aesthetic staging of bioethical encounters ruptures the polarized views of bioconservatism and technoprogressivism, provoking a series of conflicts that demand multi-layered conceptual apparatus to unravel. The sensory habitus of posthuman prostheses initiates the re-staging of design principles to anticipate the demand for new sensory experiences, technologies, services. This theme explores and expands our understanding of how innovative hardware and technologies are constituted by new art and design forms and how modes of sensory experience alter aesthetic encounters. For example, what kind of experience is generated through imaginations of posthumanity in different art and design forms? What do viewers expect from artists in terms of adopting posthuman technologies and modes of sensory delivery? How do we prepare and critically engage new generations of artists, designers and consumers through these technologies?"

The Review Panel for this theme consists of the following experts:

•    Jeffrey N. Babcock, Executive Director, International Center for the Arts, San Francisco State University, USA •    Oron Catts, Director, SymbioticA, University of Western Australia •    Alison Clifford, Lecturer in New Media & Digital Art, University of the West of Scotland, UK •    Heather Corcoran, Curator in New Media, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, UK •    Gina Czarnecki, Independent Artist, Liverpool, UK. •    Anthony Dunne, Royal College of Art, London, UK •    Ernest Edmonds, Professor of Computation and Creative Media, University of Technology, Sydney. •    Jens Hauser, Institute for Media Studies, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany •    Michelle Kasprzak, Scottish Arts Council, Scotland, UK •    Debbi Lander, Regional Creative Programme for the North West, London 2012 Olympics. •    Fiona Raby, Royal College of Art, London, UK •    Emma Rich, Loughborough University, England, UK •    Laura Sillars, Head of Programme, FACT, Liverpool. •    Nicola Triscott, The Arts Catalyst, London, UK.