On 5th – –7th September this year, Glasgow  University is hosting the 2008 Critical Legal Conference. For those unfamiliar with it, this is an annual international conference, which – –despite the name – –is also likely to be of interest to many people (academics and others) with no direct involvement with law. I have attached a Call for Papers, and I would be grateful if you would consider printing this out and displaying it at your institution, drawing it to the attention of prospectively interested colleagues, or – –of course – –submitting an abstract yourself. (Some of you have already agreed to attend, so please disregard the last). In view of your areas of interest, may I draw your attention in particular to the Healthcare stream, described at http://www.criticallegalconference.com/blurbs/nblurb4.htm and provisionally titled The Choice Agenda: Patient or Consumer? As you'll see from the site, one of our principal objectives is to tease the CLC away from some of the more abstract and esoteric theorising that has characterised it in recent years, and to re-engage to some extent with political causes and social movements, and I hope this stream will be a positive step in that dir ection. If, however, you have ideas for papers or even streams that lie outwith that precise topic, please don’ ’t hesitate to contact me about them.

Please note that the closing date for abstracts is 31st May.

From Colin Gavaghan, Uni of Glasgow

Colin Gavaghan <c.gavaghan@law.gla.ac.uk>