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The deadline for registration for this conference is only a few days away: MARCH 10. It features a large and diverse programme with well over 100 papers organised into more than 40 panels. The keynote speakers are:

Robin Mansell, Professor of New Media, LSE: "The Light and the Dark Sides of Web 2.0." Helen Margetts, Professor of Internet and Society, University of Oxford: "Digital-era Governance: Peer production, Co-creation and the Future of Government." Rachel Gibson, Professor of Political Science, University of Manchester: "Trickle-up Politics?: the Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies on Citizen Participation." Micah Sifry, Personal Democracy Forum/TechPresident: "The Revolution Will Be Networked: How Open Source Politics is Emerging in America." Michael Turk, US National Cable & Telecommunications Association and e-campaign manager for Bush-Cheney 04: "Managed Chaos: Bringing Order to User-Generated Activism." Stephen Coleman, Professor of Political Communication, University of Leeds: (title to be confirmed).

Registration for the conference and affordable accommodation is quick and easy via our website, where you may also download the full provisional programme:


The conference itself takes place April 17-18. Pre- and post-conference accommodation can be booked.

If you have any queries, please contact Ms Lisa Dacunha, conference administrator at: lisa.dacunha@rhul.ac.uk

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