New ICA journal - Communication, Culture & Critique Communication, Culture & Critique provides an international forum for research and commentary which examines the role of mediated communication in today's world.  We welcome high quality research and analyses from diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, from all fields of communication, media, film and cultural studies, which is critically informed, methodologically imaginative and careful in its exposition and argument. Foci for enquiry can include all kinds of text- and print-based media, as well as broadcast, still and moving images and electronic modes of communication including the internet, games and mobile telephony. We publish research-informed and theory-focused articles, commentaries on evolving and topical issues, research notes and reviews (books, films, DVDs, etc.). Any and all approaches, analyses and perspectives are welcome, but especially those with a qualitative and/or interpretive inflection. Issue 1, vol.1 will be published in March 2008 and subsequent issues in the volume published in June, September and December 2008.  We look forward to receiving your contributions to this exciting new journal which we hope will quickly become an important voice in our field, offering lively and innovative perspectives and critiques.

Contributions to CCC are via the online submission system provided by Manuscript Central.  To submit your article/note/review, please go to: and follow the online instructions.

Karen Ross Editor Karen Ross Professor of Media and Public Communication and Director of Graduate Studies School of Politics and Communication Studies University of Liverpool Roxby Building Liverpool L69 7ZT, UK mob: 07798 884110 office: 0151 794 2310 e: karen.ross[AT]