T H E    P A S T   I N   T H E   P R E S E N THistory as Practice in Art, Design and Architecture

An International Interdisciplinary Conference Glasgow, 27th-29th October 2007 THE GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART - DEPT. OF HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL STUDIES

* What is the role of historical research and critical reflection in art, design and architectural practice? * How is historical research and critical reflection in art, design and architecture informed by debates around leisure and commodification, pleasure and sensation, technology and mobility? * How is historical research in art, design and architecture manifest in independent practice, study beyond the academy, cultural criticism and journalism?

This three-day conference will to bring together a broad range of participants, including scholars, artists, designers, architects, museologists, curators, archivists and collectors, to debate the ways in which styles and genres from the past, both visual and written, have been reinvigorated in the present for celebratory, nostalgic, or critical ends.

Keynote speakers Professor Richard Dyer (King’s College London) has published widely on visual culture and film studies, specifically issues of race and gender in visual culture. His most recent work is Pastiche (Routledge, 2006).

Professor Pat Kirkham (Bard Graduate School) has published widely on gender and design culture, as well as the history of design. She is best known for her work on William Morris, Charles and Ray Eames, and most recently on Saul and Elaine Bass.

Session speakers In addition, the conference involves a range of speakers from around the world, many of who will be speaking in Glasgow for the first time. Speakers have come from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States; as well as England, Wales, N. Ireland and Scotland.

The papers represent a broad range of subjects, from tourist landmarks in Delhi and the ‘rewilding’ of Africa to production design in Hollywood period films and the use of Turkish history in contemporary advanced textiles.

A draft conference timetable is available online at: http://www.gsa.ac.uk/pastinthepresent

Delegate places are still available. Registration details and forms are available on our website.

For enquiries please contact: pastinthepresent [AT] gsa.ac.uk