Yesterday, it was announced by Ted Friedmann that a new tool to detect gene doping has been discovered. I haven't yet seen whose lab has developed this test, but I might be seeing Ted today in New York at the Hastings Center. Perhaps some further light can be shed on this. In the press coverage i've seen so far, Ted does mention that there is a long way to go with the test and it has indicated that the test is for 'foreign DNA'. The question remains as to whether this would reveal all forms of gene doping. On that, the coverage is also less clear. The important quote from my perspective is the following:  "It is very early in the development of the technology, and we are encouraged that it is proving possible to find evidence of foreign genes being introduced into a body," says Friedmann, director of the Center for Molecular Genetics at the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine. "The problem is not only to develop a test but to validate it to the point where you can take it to an arbitration or court and prove that's the only explanation for the finding that you made. That's very difficult, and that's going to take a lot more work."