1. I'm currently reviewing 'The Prosthetic Impulse'edited by Marquard Smith and Joanne Morra for the journal Body and Society, within which 2 chapters discuss Aimee Mullins.

2. I saw Cremaster 3 a couple of years ago at the CCA in Glasgow, within which Aimee Mullins features in various roles.

3. I visited the Cremaster exhibition at the Guggenheim New York in 2002 and another in the Chelsea area of NYC this May.

4. 2 newspapers this week have included features about Aimee, one was the Times on Sunday, another is today, also the Times, which includes a feature on Nick Knight, who shot the iconic photograph of Aimee with her 'cheetah legs'.

5. A friend of mine from secondary school went to work with Nick Knight a few years ago. His name is Ben Dunbar-Brunton. I was down in London a couple of weeks ago for a workshop hosted at the Science Museum which aimed to plan an exhibition on the future of sport. At this meeting was Ross Philips who works within one of Knight's online spaces.

6. Cheetah Man is the name of the image depicted on the cover of my book 'Genetically Modified Athletes'. Both of these images - in their different ways and in the context of Smith and Mora's book raise questions about the meaning of prosthesis in contemporary life and its relationship to technofetishism and disability studies.

7. Aimee Mullins is also a medal winning Paralympian.

8. I have just published an article that discusses notions of 'ability' against 'disability studies' in the context of tests for performance genes.

9. I spoke about Aimee Mullins' 'cheetah legs' at a lecture I gave to the Royal College of Art 'Design Interactions' programme a couple of weeks ago.