War on drugs isn't just being lost, it's about over (2004, 25 Feb) by Jim Litke, Associated Press Litke begins by pointing out that our knowledge about THG was the result of somebody's good intentions to expose the situation, rather than the successfulness of anti-doping. Michael Sokolove's feature in the New York Times leads this piece, which discusses Lee Sweeney's 'mightmice'. Gary Wadler is also quoted, stating that, whatever is out there on the market, will find its way into sport. Sweeney states that the anti-doping struggle is surely going to come to an end as it no longer becomes feasible to expect to catch the enhanced athletes. He sets a time limit of about twenty years before it all has to end.

The article conccludes referencing the 'unscientific' poll on USA Today's website, which found that around 50% of people did not care much whether athletes used drugs to compete. Perhaps not the assumed culture of sport spectatorship. Maybe the values of anti-doping are no longer consistent with how sports have changed in our society. However, this does not mean that athletes are particularly enthused about the prospect of having to modify themselves.